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The Insurance Company has a Lawyer, and you should, too.

Getting compensation for your injuries is simple justice. No amount of money will heal your body. But financial compensation is the only means we have to even the scales. It is important for you. It might be even more important for society. If people and businesses are allowed to create needless risks by taking shortcuts, then we are all less safe. Enforcing your claim for compensation is one way of keeping people honest, so that they don't injure others by their negligence.

Contrary to what you read, Americans are not "sue crazy." In fact, Americans are among the least litigious people of any western nation.  The vast majority of injured people never bring a claim for their injuries, and of those who do, many never receive fair compensation. Despite misinformation by insurance companies, a competent attorney can help you get justice, while giving businesses and individuals the incentive to act with due care for the health and safety of others.

A Note on the Statistical Tricks of the Insurance Companies

The facts are clear. There is no lawsuit crisis in America. For decades, the number of negligence cases in America has been falling, even though the population has increased. For years, the number of cases between businesses fighting over leases, contracts and intellectual property went up, but the number of negligence cases has been declining for decades.  In the last ten years, the total number of lawsuits has been declining as well.

How has the insurance industry convinced Americans that they are “sue happy?” Simple. By lumping tort claims in with mushrooming bankruptcies, divorces and business litigation under the general title of “civil lawsuits.” But lately, even the total number of civil lawsuits has been going down, as shown by the chart above.

Don't buy the lie. If you've been injured by someone else's negligence, you have a right to compensation. And we'd like to help.

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