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A Civil Case Settled for nearly Twice What Our Client Wanted

December 2016

Sometimes, for whatever reason, our injury clients want to get their cases settled quickly.  We caution them that every case has its own rhythm, and that pushing too hard for an early settlement may make the other side think we're desperate.  In effect, we wind up trading a larger settlement for a quicker one.

But if our client wants to end the case, it is our job to help. Sometimes, the client needs the money for an unexpected expense, or just doesn't want the continued stress of the case.  

For the past month, our client let us know that she wanted her case settled before the end of the year. The case had some novel medical issues, and we thought that our client deserved a larger settlement than the insurance company was offering.  

Our client told us that, if we couldn't get the insurance company to offer more than the $20,000 that they were already offering, then we should just accept the money and settle the case.  We went to work, and were able to use the threat of a "Proposal for Settlement" to get the insurance company to offer $35,000 on the case.  That's 75% more than the amount that our client was willing to settle for.  Needless to say, our client was quite satisfied.

Practice area(s): Personal Injury

Tom Hudson

Known nationwide as a leading DUI defense lawyer, Tom has tried over 350 jury trials, including numerous death penalty cases. He now limits his criminal practice to DUI defense. His civil practice is devoted to getting fair compensation for the victims of negligence. Tom has attained multiple verdicts and settlements in excess of $1 million, and is a Life Member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. In 2008, Tom Hudson passed the National Board Certification Test for DUI Attorneys in Honolulu, Hawaii. NOTE: The State of Florida does not yet recognize DUI defense as a Specialty.

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As officers of the court, we have ethical obligations which may, on occasion, require us to pass up a tactic which might gain our client a short-term advantage. In the long term, however, our reputation for doing things right will benefit every client we have.

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