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A Major Personal Injury Settlement That Was Preserved by DUI Knowledge.

October 2015

We just settled a catastrophic car-versus-pedestrian accident case, and ironically, it was Tom's experience with DUI cases, and his knowledge of alcohol metabolism which preserved the victory.  In Florida, a person whose blood alcohol is over .08 cannot recover anything for their injuries if they are more than 50% liable for their own case.  In this case, a woman was crossing against the light and was hit by a speeding car.  At first, the insurance company refused to pay, because the hospital measured her blood alcohol at 0.29, well in excess of the legal limit.  

Tom was able to show (using his training in alcohol metabolism) that the hospital blood measurement was way off.  The measurement was unreliable in an injury case because of some of the medical treatment she had received before the blood sample was taken.  So the insurance company backed down, and paid their $500,000 policy limits to settle the case.  

Any responsible lawyer will know that getting the policy limits is just the first step.  Next comes negotiating with health providers and lien holders to reduce their claims against the recovery.  In a case like this one, it is a bigger job than negotiating the original settlement.  That job continues, and our office has already reduced $800,000 in medical bills to something less than $80,000.  It is just part of our commitment to put the maximum recovery in our client's hands, to help them to adjust to life after the crash.

If you or a loved one are involved in a serious accident that is caused by another, call us right away.  The insurance company will be working to defend your claim within hours of the crash.  You need to take the case just as seriously.

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