Involved in an accident in Bradenton?

“What should I do first?”

Don't panic and use common sense. If there are any injuries, of course call 911.

What Next?

We recommend you take action immediately after your accident. Bradenton's Hudson Law Office can be contacted directly at (941) 358-5400.

We will discuss your case and obtain help in securing fair compensation for your injuries or a wrongful death. Remember, there are no fees until damages are recovered.

Make sure you properly protect yourself. Your Bradenton accident attorney, Tom Hudson, has prepared the following valuable list of to-dos.

#1  REMEMBER WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE. The insurance companies are not working FOR you… they may actually be working AGAINST you. This means that anything you say to anyone may wind up costing you. Don't make any statements (especially a recorded statement) until after you have consulted a lawyer.

#2  TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR BODY. The bruises from the steering wheel and the shoulder harness are gone in a few weeks. So are the burns from the airbag. It is easy to forget how bad they were and the insurance company tries to minimize them in front of the jury. The ONLY way to have an accurate record is to shoot photos NOW, lots of them, from every angle, in sunlight and artificial light. Then give the photos to your lawyer as soon as possible.

#3  TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR VEHICLE. If it is a total loss, then it will soon be gone. If it's not totaled, it will be repaired. Take lots of photos, making sure that you have images showing every angle, documenting how much damage was done by the impact. After all, if the impact can bend steel, imagine what it can do to flesh and bone.

#4  GET NAMES, ADDRESSES AND PHONE NUMBERS OF EVERYONE WHO SAW THE ACCIDENT OR WAS PRESENT IN YOUR VEHICLE. Have them write a short narrative, including what everyone said after the accident. Memories fade quickly.

#5  WRITE OUT YOUR OWN NARRATIVE ABOUT THE ACCIDENT, BUT ONLY GIVE IT TO YOUR LAWYER. Be sure to include all of your injuries. You will probably become progressively more sore for a period of three to five days after the crash. This is the normal way that your body reacts to the traumatic force of a motor vehicle crash.

#6  CONTACT AN EXPERIENCED INJURY LAWYER RIGHT AWAY. Over the years, it has not been unusual for insurance companies to offer settlement checks within a day after the accident. This is long before you even know how badly you are hurt. It often takes up to two months before certain serious injuries are even diagnosed. If you have taken the insurance company's check for $2,000 on the second day after the accident, you can NEVER GO BACK to get more compensation, even if you find out that your injuries are permanent and disabling.

The first few days after your accident may determine the outcome of your claim. Speak to a lawyer as soon as you can about your accident. Bradenton's Accident Attorney at the Hudson Law Office has helped individuals get justice for over 30 years. Click here to contact your Bradenton Accident Attorney or call our Bradenton Accident Attorney office at (941) 358-5400 for a free consultation.

There are no fees or costs until the case is settled! We look forward to working for you!

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