Commitment to Community

At the Hudson Law Office, being part of a community is more than just living somewhere. For over 15 years, we have given back through volunteer work and service on nonprofit boards and neighborhood associations.

Tom and Pippi have volunteered for over 500 hours at HealthSouth Rehabilitative Hospital of Sarasota.

Pippi's Story

When we adopted a Rednose Pit bull named Pippi in early 2007, we had no idea if she would be able to physically support herself with only three legs. As many of you know, she not only gets around with ease, but also, has become quite famous as the spokes-dog for the Hudson Law Office!

Click Here to Read Pippi's StoryClick Here to Read Pippi's Story

Tom Hudson is committed to serving the community, whether it is locally, statewide or nationally.

The Hudson Law Office is grateful to ARC, the Animal Rescue Coalition, for saving Pippi's life, and the lives of so many others. In appreciation, The Hudson Law Office donates a portion of personal injury fees to the ARC Medical Fund, to help other injured creatures get the chance that Pippi received.

The Hudson Law Office, committed to our clients and the community.

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As officers of the court, we have ethical obligations which may, on occasion, require us to pass up a tactic which might gain our client a short-term advantage. In the long term, however, our reputation for doing things right will benefit every client we have.

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