Key West

Sloppy Joe's is the signature Key West drinking establishment.

Proud to protect the rights of Conchs and Visitors who sustain personal injuries from another's negligence.

Key West is world-famous as a place for sun and celebration.  From its ancient history as a hideout for pirates and wreckers, to its jazz age celebrity as the home of Ernest Hemingway, to its declaration of secession as the "Conch Republic" in 1982, Key West has been a home for iconoclasts and free-thinkers.

Sloppy Joe's is one of the best known businesses in Key West, an anchor of Duval Street, and usually the first stop on the "Duval Crawl," the bar-hopping odyssey that can take days to complete.

Snorkeling is a favorite Key West activity. This is Fort Jefferson.

But there is more to Key West than drinking.  The one-by-four mile island offers an amazing course in history, remarkable architecture, outstanding watersports, and deep-sea and flats fishing.  You can also go snorkeling on North America's only living coral reef.

But more than any of these things, Key West stands out as a crossroads of humanity. From the filthy rich to the merely filthy, you can find all types in Key West, and all accepted as part of "One Human Family."  At any time of the day or night, you can walk up and down Duval Street, and see people walking and speaking dozens of different languages. Not bad for a town with only 30,000 permanent residents. Key West is truly, as one clever boy said, "a cross between Manhattan and Mayberry."

As we all know, however, even in a far-away destination like Key West, reality can intrude in the form of an injury or an arrest.  When that happens, the Hudson Law Office stands by ready to help.

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