Representation Agreement For Contingent Fee Case

CONTRACT FOR REPRESENTATION This is an electronic Contract to be represented by the Law Office of Thomas S. Hudson, P.A. (Hudson Law Office) in your claim for damages against the person or company named below or any other who may be liable on account of a harmful event (Motor vehicle crash, or fall, or animal attack) which occurred on the date below. I/We agree to pay said attorney’s fee set forth below: I/We agree that in addition to the above attorney’s fees, all out of pocket costs incurred in the handling of this matter, including those related to investigation, case opening, mediation, litigation and file storage shall be paid by the undersigned and that said expenses shall be deducted from the gross proceeds of any recovery after the attorney fee is deducted from said gross recovery. I/We agree not to communicate directly with any other party, insurance company representative, or any defense attorney concerning this matter, without the prior written consent of my/our attorney. I/We will not negotiate or settle my/our claim without prior written approval of my/our attorney. It is agreed and understood that my/our attorney may withhold and pay from the proceeds of any gross recovery any and all medical, hospital, and other bills and charges which are unpaid and/or unreimbursed prior to paying the balance of the net recovery to me/us. s contract may be canceled by written notification to the attorney at any time within 3 business days of the date the contract was signed, a shown below, and if canceled the client shall not be obligated to pay any fees to the attorney for the work performed during that time. If the attorney has advanced funds to others in representation of the client, the attorney is entitled to be reimbursed for such amounts as the attorney has reasonably advanced on behalf of the client. Sometimes, after the initiation of the lawyer-client relationship, it becomes apparent that the claim cannot be successfully pursued. This may be because your recovery is better than expected, or because there is no insurance or other asset which can satisfy your claim, because a defendant or insurer has gone bankrupt or because you do not follow your attorney’s advice or do not communicate with your attorney. If circumstances render it impractical or impossible to successfully pursue your claim, we may withdraw from the case, provided that we give you adequate notice and time to secure other counsel, if you choose. Once your file has been closed we will keep it in storage for a period of six years. We suggest that you keep all your copies of information relating to the matter in a safe place where you can easily locate them. If there are any original materials in our file which you wish to retrieve, please notify us. I/We have read and received a copy of this Contract for Representation.

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