Slip and Fall Cases

Our largest group of injury cases come from automobile accidents. It is certainly the truth that driving is one of the most dangerous things we do on a regular basis.  But walking can cause problems, too.

Like any injury law firm, many of our cases involve "slip-and-falls" or "trip-and-falls."  The injuries can be just as severe from a walking accident as from a driving accident.  The difference is this:  In many automobile accidents, the injured party is completely blameless.  Imagine that you are sitting at a red light and someone barrels into you from behind.  Or turns left in front of you even though you have the green light. In those cases, the fault is obvious.

In slip-fall cases, liability is rarely that clear.  In almost every case, there is at least an argument to be made that the injured person is partly responsible for his own injuries. The insurance company can argue that he should have been watching where he was going, and that he should have seen that uneven piece of sidewalk, or that wet spot on the supermarket floor.

Another reason that fall cases are harder than automobile cases is this: Just because someone gets hurt on your property, doesn't mean that you are legally responsible for their injuries. Only if you are "negligent" (that is, you acted unreasonably) are you legally responsible. So even if there is a wet spot on your floor that causes someone to fall, you are not automatically liable. If the spot just got there, you might not be legally responsible. 

After all, sometimes a wet spot can occur with no notice to the owner of the property.

When we take a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall case, we do it with the knowledge that the insurance company will be trying to blame our client for their own injuries. When we accept such a case, we have made the decision that the risk of "no liability" is small enough that the case justifies our time, money and effort. 

Like car accident cases, fall-down cases are almost always handled on a "contingent fee" basis. That means that we accept the risk that the case will not pan out. It's better that way. As a law office, we are in a much better position to judge whether a particular case is worth the investment.

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