Ten Critical Things that a Lawyer should do for you

TEN ESSENTIAL THINGS that a lawyer should do for you… even before the lawsuit is filed!

If you are injured in an accident, there is a lot of work to do in protecting your interests.  If you are in an accident, you can protect your own interests by having the Hudson Law Office CRASH App on your Smartphone.  You can find out more about it HEREHERE.

Having an experienced lawyer on the case provides the following…

1.  Documenting How the Accident Occurred

With photos, video or witness statements.

2.  Documenting Property Damage

Obtaining and organizing estimates for auto repairs and negotiating your property damage claim with the insurance company.

3.  Making Sure that You are Treated by a Physician

Who is willing to testify, if it becomes necessary.

4.  Reviewing your Medical Treatment

To make sure that you are seeing the appropriate specialists to properly document your injuries. Sometimes doctors treat your symptoms without performing the diagnostic tests which can show whether your pain comes from muscles and ligaments, or a bulged or herniated disc. The difference is critical to your claim.

5.  Securing and Organizing your Medical Records

So that your entire course of treatment is documented.

6.  Obtaining and Organizing your Bills and Insurance Information

So that it is easily understood what has been paid or not paid.

7.  Drafting and Presenting a Persuasive Demand Package

To the insurance company.

8.  Negotiating your Demand with the Insurance Company

To see if a satisfactory settlement is achievable without having to file a lawsuit.

9.  Negotiating with your Doctors, Hospitals and Other Medical Providers

To reduce their bills so that your recovery is maximized.

10. Making Sure That All of your Medical Liens are Satisfied

Out of the settlement, so that there are no surprise bills after the settlement funds have been obtained and spent.

Before the first legal paper is filed in court, the above tasks are all critically important for a satisfactory settlement.  In fact, if the proper attention is paid to the above steps, it is often unnecessary to proceed with costly and time-consuming litigation.

At the Hudson Law Office, we have been representing injured persons for over 30 years and have specially trained personnel to make sure that your case is given the attention it deserves. We want to go to bat for you.

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