What is my case worth?

Many factors play a role in determining how much any given injury is worth in a legal case and include….

The severity of the injury

Obviously, a more-serious injury will justify a larger award than a less-serious injury. The unspoken truth is that insurance companies do not pay claims because it is their job, or even because it is the right thing to do. They pay you $5 today so that they won't have to pay you $10 tomorrow. It is as simple as that. It is the fear of a large jury verdict, which causes the insurance company to pay the claim. And more-serious injuries get bigger jury awards, and thus bigger settlements.

The extent of the recovery by the victim

One thing that we don't know when we first meet is how well your body will recover from your injuries. You could have a broken leg that heals well, and even though it is a serious injury, it might be worth less than a minor injury that won't heal. Juries award damages for the impact on your life, and until you have a chance to heal, we won't know the whole story.

The impact of the injury on the life of the victim

Two people could have identical injuries, and yet one claim might be worth far more than the other. For example, the loss of a finger or two would be devastating to anyone, but the claim of a neurosurgeon will be worth more than the claim of a lawyer or a teacher or a physical laborer. It probably isn't fair, but the occupation, criminal record, talents and even the personality of a claimant have a HUGE impact on the value of a particular claim.  Because those are things that make a difference with juries.

The existence and amount of insurance coverage

It doesn't matter how much your claim is worth if there is no insurance to pay for it.  Sure there are a few individuals who are so rich that they could pay a claim out of their pockets, but they are very rare… and in the State of Florida, it is amazingly easy to put your assets outside the reach of creditors. So the practical reality is this…. the amount of insurance is critical to the value of the case. This is why every automobile owner in Florida should spend the $100-$200 per year for “Uninsured Motorist Coverage.”

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